Posted by: Jonathan | July 18, 2006

early present

so, i was in a deep sleep this morning, when i heard the buzzer for our apartment go off.  for those that haven’t been in our apartment to hear this wonder piece of noise, then imagine if you will the sound that harry and loyd make in dumb and dumber while they are driving, except try to imagine being louder and more digital or computery.  if you haven’t seen the movie, then you should go rent it and watch that part so you know what i’m talking about.  but i digress.  so this is not a pleasant way to wake up, except when i find out that it’s fedex.  then i get all giddy because i know that the lady downstairs wearing navy blue, purple, and neon green is holding a box containing the very laptop that i’m writing this post with now!  the wait is finally over.  i’ve officially crossed over to the darkside sam.  you know you want to join us sam.  so this is my first post from my new macbook, with hopefully many more to come.

gwen: sorry that your comments didn’t get put up.  for some reason the first two on that last post went to moderation and i had to approve them, i didn’t realize that until today.  it may have been because of the links in there.  but they are up and all is well with the world.  sorry if that contributed to your migraine that night.



  1. Flashy animated bars? One Button mouse? Superior graphic editing software?

    A Jedi thinks not of these things.

  2. come on, finding a third party double click mouse isn’t that hard to find. compusa’s got like half a dozen of them…

  3. are they shiny white?

  4. Ah but he is no Jedi he is a Sith…

    Congrads Jon, It feels good to finally cross the line, doesn’t it?

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